What Are You Resurrecting this Easter?

Message from Courtney….   Have you ever noticed that the weather on Good Friday is often cloudy and dreary? Ever since I was a child, my mom and I noticed that year after year, the weather seemed sad the day that people around the world remembered Jesus’ persecution on the cross. At first, I attributed it [...]

Welcome 2014 with an Open Heart

Happy New Year! Can you believe 2013 is over? Is it just me, or did the year go by in the blink of an eye? Whoa!    Well, I want to share with you some of my favorite techniques for releasing 2013 with love and welcoming in 2014 with grace and an open heart.   (1) [...]

This Week’s Video Challenge: Be Courageous!!

You don’t have to roar like a lion, but I do suggest checking out this inspiring video message.     What is Courage? Your Soul Wants You to Know….        

10 Ways to Juice Up Your Creativity

Special thanks to Maya Nahra, creator of Hello Beautiful Magazine!!    This magazine is designed to inspire YOU to discover your own beauty from the inside out and be empowered as the courageous, bright light that you are.  My article was featured in the July Issue.   To check out this amazingly empowering, insightful, uplifting, educational magazine, click here. [...]

Unsure What to Choose? Where to Go? Look No Further…

Are you stalled at an intersection in your life? Imagine sitting in your car, with a giant spotlight shining down upon you. You hesitate to turn right or left, yet also hesitate to move straight forward. The uncertainty of which direction to go is palpable. You can taste the fear and feel the dryness on [...]

Tired of waiting for a good life? The time is NOW

Tired of dimming your own light? A good life isn’t going to just happen to you… you must powefully and playfully CREATE it!

Want to Raise Your Vibration?

What makes YOU feel lighter? What raises YOUR vibration?

I choose LOVE. What about you?

The most important thing you can do is fill your own life with love.

3 Steps to Manifest Blessings in Your Life and Others’

Be honest with yourself about your true wants and allow God/Spirit/Universe to handle the details of “how” they are delivered to you.

Can Money Be Spiritual?

It’s time for a new, fresh approach to manifestation.

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