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Spiritual Money Manifestation


Create Money Thru Love, Joy & Fun



Tired of worrying about money?
Ready for a MAJOR, POSITIVE SHIFT in your finances, JOY and life?


Join Courtney Long, MSW, LC, CHt, ATP® for this healing, FUN and high vibration 4-part class! Attend 1 or all 4.

Do you have a mission to make this world a better place? 

Think you need money? Actually, money needs YOU. 


YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept it is:


To MANIFEST MORE MONEY in 2013 than you ever thought possible!


Why? Because:
-You deserve it
-2013 is about flow and abundance, NOT struggle
-The more money you manifest, the more LIGHT you bring to this world 


Four Fridays
Starting April 12* 
(continues 4/26, 5/3, 5/10)

*Attend 1 or all 4


The Shrine of Holy Wisdom
5025 S. Ash Ave. Suite B-15, Tempe, AZ 85282



Here's What Others are Saying:

"I experienced a total shift in energy, in joy, in appreciation and gave myself permission to live life to its fullest potential." -A.K.

"I thought this class was about money, but I learned so much more! I realized that I am worthy, and that it's ok for me to receive, whether it's money, help, support, or a compliment. I am now clearer about my life purpose, and ready to rock it. Watch out, world, I have a mission. And money is now helping me, as my FRIEND!" -C.E.

"I went to Courtney Long's Spiritual MONEY Manifestation 2013 and had so many ah ha moments. I have been struggling to have a healthy relationship with money for years and am so excited to say that today instead of sweeping up 48 cents in change I picked it up and said…."This is 48 cents of LOVE! I better put this aside!" So awesome…looking forward to the next 3 classes. Thanks Courtney!"    -Natalie M. Blissful Living

"The process is continuing even now. I keep finding change everywhere and my response is…hey there's more love! Lol. So awesome! That spiritual bank you took us to must have done the trick!" -Natalie M. Blissful Living

"The joy that I discovered when I realized money was not my enemy was amazing. I also appreciated incorporating abundance into my heart chakra."   -K.L.



For years, our society has considered money the "root of all evil," and something for those who are "greedy," with an overall mentality of lack and fear. 

Many of us have beliefs at the subconscious level that BLOCK us from receiving money or earning as much as we want.


Utilize the power of your subconscious mind and the magnetism of 2013 to attract MONEY into your life through LOVE, JOY and FUN!


Did you know?
-Money is energy.
-Money wants to be used for positive, loving purposes.
-If we're going to make this world a better place, WE NEED MONEY, and MONEY NEEDS US!
-God/Spirit/Universe wants you to have PLENTY of money!



In this 4-part class, you'll have the opportunity to:

-Shift your understanding of money and its role in your life
-Free yourself of blocks at the subconscious level
-Heal and empower your relationships with money, God/Spirit/Universe, and yourself
-Transform out of worry, lack and fear into FAITH, TRUST, LOVE and ABUNDANCE.


Classes include discussion, group hypnotherapy (guided imagery) to remove subconscious blocks, a healing money ceremony, and FUN, interactive activities. 


You will learn practical, easy techniques to:
-Raise your vibration on a daily basis, to FEEL GOOD
-Attract more money into your life… with plenty to spare and share!
-Help make this world a better place through your manifestation of MONEY 



Bonus gift: When you attend all 4 classes, receive recordings of the healing hypnotherapy portions, PLUS, a bonus 10 minute money manifestation audio to use daily! 


Each week, leave feeling refreshed, energized and empowered to manifest money in 2013.


Attend 1 or all 4!



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Preview of each week's topics:



-Understand purpose of money (currently and throughout history)

-Explore individual and societal beliefs about money

-Transform your limiting beliefs about money at both conscious and subconscious levels


-Explore the Law of Circulation… Learn to balance Giving and Receiving

-Create a vision of your ideal financial flow

-Learn simple techniques to practice allowing  yourself to receive , whether money, joy, love, success, etc.

-Discover your worthiness… and trustworthiness with money

-Remove blocks to worthiness and receiving at conscious and subconscious levels


 -Learn why money needs YOU.. your healing energy, light and love

 -Deepen your bond with money through a healing ceremony, forgiveness and clearing of past karma

 -Learn how to focus on serving a divine life purpose and allowing money to  be a tool for sharing love


-Learn techniques to raise your daily vibration to feel good and attract money through a high frequency

-Receive insights from your higher self on creating consistent cash flow             

–Create your own daily ritual for consistent cash flow and ongoing money manifestation