Reiki Energy Healing     


YOU are the energy of Love and Light!


Are you experiencing discomfort, stress, nervousness, worry, pain, or tension in your body?

Do you feel tired, lethargic, depressed, hopeless, indifferent or like your energy is stagnant, stuck or blocked? 

Do you long for a more direct experience of God/Spirit/Universe, to know and feel how much you are loved?




What is Reiki?reiki hands

"Rei" = Universal    "Ki" = Energy    

Translates to "Universal Life Force Energy"


Reiki is an ancient healing modality for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. It was originated by Dr. Usui (Sensei) on Mt. Karama in Japan.

It involves "laying on hands," based on the idea that an unseen "universal life force energy" flows through us, providing the sensation of being "alive." 

If your life force energy is low, you are more likely to experience stress or illness and feel "disconnected," lost or disillusioned. If it is high, you tend to feel happier, lighter, healthier, and connected to your creativity, joy, love and spiritual source.



"I have been feeling so great since our session! When I went home, my girlfriend said she could see the difference in my eyes and in my face. She said I hadn't looked that way in 3 weeks. I am feeling the difference throughout my body and feel I am walking taller. I have not been getting angry. I have not been teary. I have felt great at work and have been happier and more productive. Reiki is so amazing! Thank you so very much. You are a true gift."   -K.S., Phoenix, AZ



How Does Reiki Work?

Your body is composed of energy. Science has shown that the atoms that make up your body are 99.9% empty space, filled with a force field or energy waves. Atoms are continually giving off and absorbing light and energy. While our bodies appear "solid," they are actually quite spacious! Your body is filled with and surrounded by light, encapsulated in your "aura" or "biomagnetic field."

Reiki focuses on the seven main energy centers in the body, known as "chakras." These are the main areas through which we give and receive energy, including our root (base of spine), sacral area (below belly button), solar plexus (stomach), heart, throat, third eye (above eyebows), and crown (top of head). Wondering which of your chakras are imbalanced or which are in good flow? See below for more details!

Reiki's goal is to restore balance, vitality, and vibrancy to each chakra, along with a smooth flow of divine love and light throughout the body, mind, and spirit.


Remember who you are… LIGHT!

Reiki can connect you to the feeling of oneness as you "remember" or "discover" who you are on a deeper level.. your inner beauty, essence, energy, love and light!


How Does Reiki Look?

As your Reiki practioner, Courtney's job is to be a neutral, loving "instrument of Spirit," or rather, a hollow vessel through which the universal life force energy is channeled. By allowing this universal love and light to flow through her, she directs it toward your body for the utmost healing, peace, and comfort.

Your job is to relax on the chair or massage table, be open-minded, and allow yourself to receive. You can focus on the peaceful sensations you experience in your body. You may also choose to be receptive to any insights or "ah-ha" answers you may receive to your current questions or concerns.

Courtney will place her hands over areas where she is intuitively guided or that you have identified as trouble spots. With hands either hovering just above the area or placed gently on your body, the universal life force energy flows through and provides just what your body and energy field need in that moment.

With your permission, Courtney can also call upon your guardian angels and the archangels to amplify the healing effects. For more information on Angel Therapy®, click here.


IMG_8795How Does Reiki Feel?

You may feel heat, coolness, vibrations, a peaceful tingling sensation, peaceful, emotional release, or possibly nothing. Regardless, you can trust that energy is moving for your highest good. Reiki can be an incredibly loving experience, connecting you to a deeper layer of who you are, as energy, love and light! During and after sessions, clients often report feeling a sense of "bliss" like they are "floating" or totally connected to their higher power, others, themselves, and all that is!


Why Choose Reiki Over Other Healing Methods?

Reiki is gentle, non-invasive and extremely relaxing. For those of us who are caring, nurturing, empathic, or work in helping or healing fields, we often spend a great deal of time tuning into others' feelings and needs in order to help them. Reiki provides us an opportunity to tune into our own needs and energy for the utmost in self-care and healing. It also helps to clear away any negativity, fears or worries we may have absorbed from others. It is a way to recharge our battery, rejuvenate and refill our cup so we can avoid getting burned out and instead feel energized to continue helping others.

For the most healing benefits, Courtney recommends pairing Reiki with Hypnotherapy.


Is Reiki "Spiritual" or "Religious?"

Reiki principles are "spiritual" in nature though do not infringe on your spiritual or religious beliefs (or lack thereof). Reiki is not a religion. You can have any belief system and receive the benefits of Reiki! In fact, healers of various backgrounds have practiced forms of Reiki, and it is thought that this list includes Jesus! One of the benefits of Reiki is that it can deepen your own connection to the divine!


Does Reiki Have to Be Done In Person? What About Phone or Webcam?

Absolutely, the healing effects of Reiki can be done in person, or via phone or webcam. Quantum physics is now showing that time and space do not exist. You can receive healing energy across any distance!



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Additional Info on the Chakras


1st Chakra – RootIMG_8790

Color= Red; Vitality, connection to earth, will to live, survival, instinct, security, stability, safety (financial, family, career, home)

Imbalance= insecure, afraid, feeling unbalanced, low libido, fertility issues


2nd Chakra – Sacral

Color= Orange; Sexual energy, creativity, intuition, emotion

Imbalance= overindulging in food, drink or sex, sexual problems, jealousy, envy, extreme insatiable desire


3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus

Color= Yellow; Personal power, personal identity, confidence, emotion

Imbalance= Anger, fear, emptiness, self-harming behaviors, lack of personal boundaries, fear of saying "no" or disappointing someone, self-sacrifice to the point of self-deprivation, digestive problems


4th Chakra – Heart

Color= Green; Love, surrender, joy, transformation

Imbalance= Closed to love, feeling not good enough or unlovable, lack of forgiveness, blaming others, pity parties, victim consciosuness, circulation problems and heart problems


5th Chakra – Throat

Color= Blue; Communication, speaking your truth with love, self-expression, relating to others, divine guidance, truth

Imbalance= Speech problems, lack of discernment in speech, depression, thyroid problems


6th Chakra – Third EyeIMG_8772

Color= Indigo; Self/Spiritual Awareness, higher consciousness, discernment of light and dark

Imbalance= Fear, cynicism or negativity, tension, headaches, overly detached from the world, focusing on only the "good" in others while denying or overlooking the "negative," difficulty thinking or concentrating, memory issues


7th Chakra – Crown

Color= Purple; Spiritual consciousness, connection to oneness, enlightenment, Spirit, life purpose

Imbalance= Lack of inspiration, confusion, depression, alienation, hesitation to serve, feeling defeated or without purpose


Are you ready to remove blocks, fears and negativity?

Ready to return to a state of wholeness, LOVE and connection?


Courtney would be happy to answer any questions you have about Reiki!


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